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Max Masri is the founder and leader of the seminal group Tanghetto and of the label Constitution Music.

Just after high school, he studied tango composition and contrapunto with Virgilio Expósito (a classic tango legend) becoming one of his last pupils. During the same time period Max started his first works as a producer and composer, fusing tango with electronic music, and he became one of the creators of, what is now known as, electrotango or electronic tango. Max Masri became the producer, main composer and songwriter for everything Tanghetto has released to this date. 

His tango blended with some of his musical influences became part of a new wave of tango movement while his albums were three times nominated to the Latin Grammy Awards (Best Tango and Best Instrumental Album) and won two Gardel Awards. His main artistic goal is to deconstruct traditional music and bring something new to it.

As the main musician and leader of Tanghetto, he has played and sung in prestigious venues in Argentina and many parts of the world (including the Gran Rex Theatre in Buenos Aires, The Symphony Hall in Chicago, The O2 Arena in London, The Juárez Theatre in Guanajuato, Mexico, the Lincoln Center in New York City and the Symphonic Hall of Centro Cultural Kirchner in Buenos Aires, where Max along with Tanghetto presented new material and collaborations with iconic artists of Argentina.

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