Max Masri is the founder and leader of Tanghetto. He has relased 8 studio albums with the band, where he produced and composed most of the songs. Each of his albums and shows had the same artistic goal, to deconstruct tango and bring something new and contemporary to this traditional music style.

He is the creator of the word "electrotango" to define this art, and has been used by many artists as a musical genre as an alternative name to "electronic tango".

Other projects:


In 1998 Max Masri founded the group 020, the pioneer of fusing modern tango with sounds from pop music. In 2002 the band releases its album “End of Illusions” which opened the door to tango fusion. After debuting this album he decided to create Tanghetto. Currently, apart from Tanghetto, he is also a leader of the band Tangocrisis - in which, composing for them, he has the pleasure of fusing his two passions: rock and tango - along with two new projects that he’s working on.


In 2005, Max continuing his fascinations of deconstructing traditional music and fusing old and new sounds, has composed and produced the album ¨ADN Proyecto Andino¨, probably the first true approach of the Argentine and South American folk music with electronic textures. 

In 2008 Max Masri discovered the Uruguayan singer Tabaré Leyton and began to produce for him, composing music and writing lyrics for various songs of different styles that this artist performs.

As a composer and musical producer for Tabaré Leyton won the most important Uruguayan awards: Iris, Grafitti and Morosoli for the Tabaré´s  first album ¨La Factoría del Tango¨ (2011). The second album of Leyton ¨Charrúa¨ (2014) was nominated for the Grafitti Award. The last album ¨Vivo por el tango¨(2016), was recorded live after the last European tour of Tabaré...

Max has written and composed more than 1000 songs. His work as a composer, songwriter and producer has been performed by big artists of all genres, including Rubén Rada,  Pedro Aznar, Emiliano Brancciari (leader of the band No Te Va a Gustar), Nito Mestre, Peteco Carabajal, Amelita Baltar, Miguel Cantilo, Adriana Varela, Guillermo Fernández, Tabaré Leyton, among others.

His music is frequently used on TV and radio stations around the world.

He is a member of the Jury for the Gardel Awards, The Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of US.

In 1999 he founded the independent record company CONSTITUTION MUSIC, of which to this day he is the A&R and artistic director.