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Max Masri is a renowned Argentinean musician who founded and leads Tanghetto, a band that has released nine studio albums with Max producing and composing most of the songs. Max's goal with each album and show is to deconstruct tango and infuse contemporary elements into this traditional music style. Max is credited with coining the term "electrotango," which is now widely used as a genre name for electronic tango. In addition to Tanghetto, Max has led other bands such as Tangocrisis and 020. Max has also composed and produced music for various artists, including the Uruguayan singer Tabaré Leyton, for which he won the prestigious Iris, Grafitti, and Morosoli awards in Uruguay. Max has written and composed over 1000 songs and his work has been performed by renowned artists from various genres. Max is a member of the juries for the Gardel Awards. Max founded Constitution Music, an independent record company, in 1999 from his past label Evolution Music, and he remains its A&R and artistic director to this day.

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